Saturday, March 17, 2007

yeah, I'm terrible.

Sorry.  I wanted to get all my varied and misc crap in one spot that could, theoretically, survive financial ups and downs and access to the internet.

Besides, it allowed me to bury those god awful long ones way down there, lol

IT also allowed me to test out a feature I rather liked of Windows Live Writer.  I can, using it, store and write multiple offiline entries, and also move entires from one blog to another.

While I don't count myself a fan of MS, I do count myself a fan of stuff that works for what I want it to do.

This works pretty well. I should probably try to hook it into yahoo 360, but, ya know, eh.

It works great with wordpress and with blogger, so I'm happy enough.


Now to just get a new battery for the laptop so I can get mobile again and compose out in the wild world...


So, Current status:

Homeless (staying in a second singlewide through the grace of another)


Total to save: $3,200.00.

Total saved: 0

Waiting on an 800 dollar project, and a 400 dollar project payments. Working on three 400 dollar ones, and one that I hope I can net 1200 for. Probably need to get a little busier.



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