Friday, April 13, 2007

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The blog has moved:

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Purses and Pricks


Ok, I've now managed to (lordy, I am so freaking mercurial of late), and I'm sitting here on a Thrusday morning wondering why it is I just had to shove my stupid head into Topix in the first place.

Oh, and shopping for a purse.

My old purse is dead.

Not surprising -- i sorta kinda inherited it, so it was not only out of style, but older than the hills.

Which leaves me with a dilemma that I don't know how to survive.

Were I to actually have something akin to readers, well, it'd be nice, lol -- I could ask them to assist me in this.

I've never bought a purse before. Its my first time.

My current purse's contents are in a disarray beside the desk. Reused altoid tins (my bad, bad habit of smoking is hidden within them). My trusty victorinox Ranger. A flashlight. Lighter. 'mones. meds. scissors. tissue. tweezers. Aother flarshlight (?), two wallets (I was lazy last time and had reason to present as male, so haven't bothered to switch back yet), insect repellent, pens, folded up scraps of paper. a pair of earrings I thought I'd lost, and, of course, makeup.

I know have to add my cell phone to this mess (its recent, and I *hate* cell phones normally, but this one has saved my life).

I know I'm anal and chaotic. So it needs to be a bag that's well organized but lets me still throw everything in there, lol

And, lastly, it has to be cheap. In a few months I'll get a better bag -- this is my first one, and it just needs to get me through the hell of what I'm dealing with right now.


I'm thinking of this one:

Target, cheap, black, and should work ok for working in a call center. Yes, a call center. Not exactly glamorous work, but, well, you try getting a job as a TS.

I'm lost though. I've got to stay under 50.

 Topix, on the other hand, is *really* pissing me off. I'm glad it is, htough -- I need to find a way to break away from it. Gain some sort of control over my interest in it. Drives me nuts though that there are people like "cam", who are intentionally postig all sorts of nasty stuff that's only hurtful to others.  I really have a hard time really getting the mindset of someone like him figured. Pure FRI -- really sad.