Saturday, March 17, 2007

Well, that's over

(note: previously published at my other blog)

Yesterday, thanks to trollie, I ended up getting paranoid over the potential that they'd find out my last little refuge money wise, and so came out to my DR.

I've been doing contract work of late for a few of the Television stations, and I was worried that I'd lose some of the jobs I was up for.

I was right, lol.  But then, I was also rather surprised.

My DR (whom I have met once) is also TS, lol.

And, as a result, I have a new base and tomorrow I'll have a new contract.

Not as well paying, but, well, it'll do the job.

Spent most of today dealing with that in a series of emails that probably had the internet burning up. At one point, I sent off two and got back three all at the same time, lol.

I've also decided to change my approach to Topix entirely. For one, as I noted in my previous post, there wasn't enough of a challenge anymore.

For another, though, there is the difficulty of following so many thread's. So, I'm sitting back and reading what catches my eye, but not commmenting yet. I have a new approach in mind, but dislike the thought of potentially tipping my hand to trollie.

At least they stopped the horrifically syrupy crap. OMG, I swear to heaven, someone could insult me in a syrupy way and I wouldn't see it, becuase I just gag at the thought.

Since I won't be able to post tomorrow, I will find a new way to blog in the near future.  THis site, and the others, will be coming down.  And that has me somewhat saddened.

I've worked for 4 years to build my company up. Watching it go away just tears me up.  BUt I've got backups of the files, and who knows -- I hear blogger isn't all that bad.

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