Saturday, March 17, 2007

Civil Rights, again

Part of the reason that I posted all that crap is I had the time to assemble it -- inet was down.

After doing so, I did a little more work on my list of civil rights, andding in some governmental duites and rights of work so far.


After I get done with the basic list, I'll revisit the constitution.


Something that some friends of mine have been noting is that many of the more truly left folks are already making arrangements to to expatriate themseles formt he country, and they've been making suggestions since I shared my thoughts on the Dominionist stuff with them.

On the other hand, my old buds at U of A were actually intrigued by a couple of hypotheticals I put forth, so there's been some serious effort being put in towards figuring out not merely what the nation wold most likely be like in the early stages of actual rule (although the lefties believe its already there), but also how they woud achieve those goals given the social cycle's current movement.

Oh, and to top it all off, I outed to them and they went "eh".  At thsi rate, when I do get someone who freaks out, I'll be unprepared.

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