Thursday, April 5, 2007

Hidden in plain sight

Sometimes, lol, you start to wonder about things that you encounter, and you feel this need to connect with something once again.

I've mentioned before how a particular blog had had a tremendous impact on me, and that I ws feeling frutstrated that I hadn't bookmarked it effectively.

When I asked around about it, I more or less got some suggestion here or there, but a few of them said to go to and look there for the links.  So, I did. And I followed the links she had there and hunted up differnet blogs and did his and did that and ...  .. no dice, The mystery blog I had thought had been pulled down, and the the way that things went was lost.

So, then I'm catching up at The Road To Venus, and Kara talks about how she ran into Amber. And something she said about Amber made me perk a second, and so I headed on over and I dug into the blogs therein, and ...

Amber, thank you, should you ever have a reason to read this. :)



I stopped smoking.

I need to work, to concentrate to focus on my ability to make something so I can make some money, and I quit smoking.

For the second time since I've been here.

I am an absolute idiot. I know how nasty my brain gets when I stop, and how distracted I become.

If I make it through to morning, I'll feel sorta good...

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