Monday, April 9, 2007



Sometimes, we find ourselves in a position where we just can't take it anymore.

Where a sadness grips us so deeply and strongly that we can barely grasp it, barely come to terms with it. Unless we act.

Unless we take a few moments in our lives and build something.

Something "impossible". Something Foolish. Our own personal folly.

People use the words impossible and folly to indicate things that can't be done -- that shouldn't be done.  Things for which the price or the consequence or the effort nvolved are too great for the reward that they see in it.

Disneyland was one such folly.

Getting on a wagon train and heading out west, young man was another such folly.

Trying to reach for the moon was a folly.

I have my own folly. I live it daily. And, like Kiwi, I'm doing it becuase I have only a few moments in which to find that single, small, heavenly slice of joy.

There's a knowledge there, a certainty as the tale comes to its conclusion.

we can all say there's a miracle beyond the credits, there's a new wonder beyond them. I'm going for that one, myself.

But we know.  Just as Kiwi knew.

When you go up against impossible odds, and you succeed, even for but a moment, in standing for something that you believe in against the wave and tide and tragedy of impossible and foolish and selfish and insane, you come to a moment where there's something that *no* one will ever be able to take from you.


And, for Glory, we all pay a consequence that's never too great.

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