Sunday, March 11, 2007

Wilful Malevolence

What causes such?

What energy is so taken in that would cause someone to engage in actions of wilful malevolence -- the active goal to hurt another person?

The short answer, of course, is Evil. But I'm disinclined to accept a short a pithy phrasing or reduction here, as I've all too often gazed into the heart of what can make someone evil.

There is, of course, the evil of conformity, to which I seem to have been placed in juxtaposition. The world of puppy dogs and butterflies enforced by a benevolent dictator who only wants all things to live in harmony (or, else, of course, is the implication, and it is in the means to achieve that end that the evil is made visible).

I ask because I've finally id'd my little troll, and I'm wondering what to do at this point.

Nor am I the only target of their ministrations -- they have assaulted Trisha and Gaymom as well, and I suspect there have been others additionally.

I fear for one girl named Delfina Pei, who seems most reasonable, but has been casually courted by them in certain threads that, bluntly give me pause, as the same was done before.

I'm rather pissy about it, actually -- and therefore subject to potentially falling into that trap myself.

While their release of personal information without my express personal consent places them at odds with California law, I'm disinclined to give the agencies so charged with actually pursuing the case with any sense of fervor, and I know I'm certainly not going to go after them myself (the trip to Knoxville was soooo boring and I could have used that money more wisely, despite being able to see my bf).

I did report it, of course, and I also notified Topix administration of their posting activity with logs and specific quotes were they had crossed my personal line (they went into the territory of making threats and advocating harm to others). Took several hours in between working to compile the list (over 100 specific posts) and then provide the resources used (the UofA's style algorithm and comparative samples with indications of how to identify patterning).

I also don't think there is much they will do either -- the troll is using an AOL server, and that would mean blocking all AOL servers.

However, I do now have an excellent idea of how they post, why the post, and the particular mannerisms and style they have.  Its been rather surprising, actually.

Its kind of sad, really, as if my assessment of this individual is correct, then they would actually be someone I'd like to have a decent conversation with -- but I fear that they are the sort for whom anything is meaningless without some sort of struggle and dominance.

They want to hurt others. They want to cause harm. And I honestly am having a hard time understanding why they would want to do that.

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