Monday, March 12, 2007

The law of unintended consequences


There is a website that's hilarious, but dangerous to be around too often.  Its called, and essentially exists to poke enormous fun at the whole "motivation" poster business.

One of the more itneresting ones they had for a while was on said law.

Its in effect at this time, and I dislike it -- it makes me feel bad.

THe person who called me gay is sorta being ganged up on. Its the nature of the forum, really, but I still feel sorta bad, since, ultimately, it was my issue with being called gay that put her into a positionw here she had to suddenly defend herself against not merely me, but others.

The others came to my defense, which is uplifiting and makes me feel good (there's a sort of camaradeire going on at Topix that's pretty cool), and I suspect they already know I'm similarly incined, but, well...

So did Ash. She's not being mean, and she's not trying to hurt me. She's explaining her position, and my inherent defensive posture over the issue is creating a terrible situation.  Ash is pretty cool -- I've read a few of her other posts, and she's pretty damned sharp.

Now, however, we're in a sitch where both of us are on the defensive, and that's never a good way to get through things.  It looks like I've already somehow managed to misrepresent my position, because she talking about separating gender from biology and I'm talking about separating gender from sexual orientation.

We're also coming at it from two different approaches, I think -- forgive the supposition.

I'm looking at how I've always seen myself and the world, while she's pretty much looking at how she simply sees the world.  Both are ultimately valid.

I haven't come across this particular probelm yet, so I guess its rather good i have now, and it is, if nothing else, making me more aware of some of te internal issues that other people have with my nature.

Since I will, ultimately, go utterly stealth, such information is useful -- and, I suspect, the more activist expereince I can gain until that time, the better I'll be able to handle things.

So, in this case, without intending to, it appears I've placed someone ina bad situation without meaning to. Happens, but, well, there ya have it.

Doesn't mean I have to like it, and it doesn't mean I can step aside, but its not right, and its not fair.

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